Tuesday, May 16, 2006

loving and missing forever..

*************** Loving & Missing **************

Used to have a butterfly,

whom used to take care

One day saw her leaving,
leaving me forever..

I knew that she will be leaving one day,
searching for a new care..

Although i coudn't stop caring,
and even now loving and missing forever..

************************ Love You************************

I dream to look at her face for whole day long ,
I dream to look at her eyez for the rest of my life ,
I dream to get her beside me to make me feel confident ,
I dream to keep in touch with her to smell her every moment .
I fear to miss her for even a heart pulse ,
I fear to hear that she loves me not ,
I fear to see her avoiding me ,
I fear to miss u ,

----------------------------------BhaloBashi Tomaye--------------------------------
Shopno dekhi takay thakbo ami tar chokh Pane ,
Chumo khabo tar Komol Hater Choate ,
Bhalo basha Kere nibo nijer Odhikare ,
Jodio she amay na BhaloBashe ,
Tobu ami tomaye chai ,

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Courtney said...

Beautiful! Just beautiful!!!

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