Thursday, June 29, 2006

Outlook Towards Life

Outlook Towards Life

For everything you have missed, you have gained something else;
And for everything you gain, you lose something else.

It's about your outlook towards life, You can either regret or rejoice.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

We Have The Power

We Have The Power


What we are today is result of our own past actions;
Whateer we wish to be in future depends on our present actions;
Decide how you have to act now.

We are responsible for what we are, whatever we wish ourselves to be.
We have the power to make ourselves.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Difficult Phase Of Life

Difficult Phase Of Life
The most difficult phase of life
is not when no one understands you;
It's when you don't understand yourself.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Where You Take Life

Where You Take Life
Over the same sea, on the same winds;
A ship sails in one direction, another in opposite.
It's not the wind that decides which direction the ship goes;
It's the sails; how they are tied and how they are maneuvered.

Similarly, it's not fate that decides where your life is going;
It's all about how you take life and where you take it to.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Singing or Listening to Music !

Why do people sing any song? or listen to songs? I know there will be many answers from different point of views with different logics.

But a RickShaw Pooler replied me once :

" When people feels bad then they start singing and it's an alternate way of expressing while there is no other way to share or compromise.. "

On his reply there were many logics and many point of views to prove it, i liked his points. Did we ever asked ourselves - am i singing feeling bad for any reason or singing for feeling too good?

Think about listening musics, there are many people tries to hide themselves in between several musics. I like music! And can't even stay without it.. Different musics on different moods.. But i need it !

Thursday, June 22, 2006

S.S.C Exam Result !

Today the S.S.C (Secondary School Certificate) Exam result has been published at 4:00pm at

My younger sister got 4.5 from Dhaka Board. I wish her congrates though it's not so High Score as 5.

ALLah ja koren Bhalor jonnei koren!

1st Igloo Ice-cream Festival @ Dhaka

An Ice-cream festival is currently going on at the Sheraton Hotel lobby. A person can have as much and any flavor as he or she wants at Tk 200.

Along with this, there will be a celebrity adda, where the ice-cream lovers can talk with some of the top celebrities in town. There will also be a raffle draw.

The festival will be on daily from June 21 till June 27 from 11 am till 9 pm.

Author: Posted: Jun 22, 2006 9:07 AM

Let Go And Be Happy

Let Go And Be Happy

If you keep on thinking of all the ways in which
others cheated you, fought with you,
degraded you or angered you,
your heart will forever be full of hatred.
Learn to let go. And be Happy!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

see the magic..

My Dear friends,

See the amazing

Brazil won the world cup in 1994. Before that, they had won this title for
the last time in 1970.

If you add up: 1970 + 1994 = 3964

Argentina won the world cup for the last time in 1986. Before that they
did only in 1978.

And 1978 + 1986 = 3964

Germany, though, won the world cup in 1990. Before that, Germany won in 1974.

Look: 1990 + 1974 = 3964

This could lead us to guess the winner of the World Cup in 2002, since it
should be the winner of the 1962 World Cup (As 3964 - 2002 = 1962).

Since Brazil won the world cup in 1962 it is no wonder that they did it
again in the 2002 WC.

This numerology seems to work...

And now, who would be the winner of the 2006 World Cup?

Let's see, 3964 - 2006 = 1958

And who won in 1958... ??

Oh, Brazil did !!!

So dear, is it worth watching the games anymore since you know the outcome already ??? :p

The First Step

The First Step

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The World Is Following You

The World Is Following You

Monday, June 19, 2006

Make your Own Future

Make your Own Future

Superhero Personality Test

Here is my result...

I am Hulk

Green Lantern
The Flash
Iron Man
Wonder Woman
I am a wanderer with
amazing strength.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Take Life Your Way

Take Life Your Way

Poem by one of our religious sister..

This poem is full of faith and self respect. It was written by one of our Bangladeshi religious sister about wearing Hijab. Please read it and share your feelings and let people to think about it..

What do you see when you look at me?
Do you see someone limited,
or someone free?
All some people can do is just look and stare,
Simply because they can't see my hair.

Others think I am controlled and uneducated.
They think that I am limited and not liberated,
They are so thankful that they are not me,
Because they would like to remain 'free'.

Well free isn't exactly the word I would've used,
Describing women who are cheated on and abused.
They think that I do not have opinions or a voice,
They think that being hooded isn't my choice,

They think that the hood makes me look caged,
That my husband or dad are totally outraged,
All they can do is look at me in fear,
And in my eye there is a tear.

Not because I have been stared at or made fun of,
But because people are ignoring the One up above.
On the day of judgment they will be the fools,
Because they were too ashamed to play by their own rules.

Maybe the guys won't think I am a cutie,
But at least I am filled with more inner beauty.
See I have declined from being a guy's toy,
Because I won't let myself be controlled by a boy,

Real men are able to appreciate my mind,
And aren't busy looking at my behind.
Hooded girls are the ones really helping the Muslim cause,
The role that we play definitely deserves applause.

I will be recognized because I am smart and bright,
And because some people are inspired by my sight.
The smart ones are attracted by my tranquility,
In the back of their mind, they wish they were me,

We have the strength to do what we think is right,
Even if it means putting up a life long fight.
You see we are not controlled by a mini skirt and tight shirt,
We are given only respect, and never treated like dirt.

So you see, we are the ones that are free and liberated,
We are not the ones that are s_xually terrorized and violated.
We are the ones that are free and pure,
We're free of STD's that have no cure,

So when people ask you how you feel about the hood,
Just sum it up by saying 'baby its all good'

I am not asking anyone to wear Hijab.. but i am focusing the feelings that SHE felt and the confidence she owns. How many people can think like that?

Thursday, June 15, 2006

start of the day..

i like this images from, these are really motivating..

One of my old msn contact send me a URL with the following title, really funny :)

What Kind of Kisser Are You?
Click here for the Test!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Shakira - Hips Don't Lie

Shakira - Hips Don't Lie

Ladies up in here tonight
No fighting, no fighting
We got the refugees up in here
No fighting, no fighting

Shakira, Shakira

I never really knew that she could dance like this
She makes a man wants to speak Spanish
Como se llama (si), bonita (si), mi casa (si, Shakira Shakira), su casa
Shakira, Shakira

Oh baby when you talk like that
You make a woman go mad
So be wise and keep on
Reading the signs of my body

And I'm on tonight
You know my hips don't lie
And I'm starting to feel it's right
All the attraction, the tension
Don't you see baby, this is perfection

Hey Girl, I can see your body moving
And it's driving me crazy
And I didn't have the slightest idea
Until I saw you dancing

And when you walk up on the dance floor
Nobody cannot ignore the way you move your body, girl
And everything so unexpected - the way you right and left it
So you can keep on shaking it

I never really knew that she could dance like this
She makes a man want to speak Spanish
Como se llama (si), bonita (si), mi casa (si, Shakira Shakira), su casa
Shakira, Shakira

Oh baby when you talk like that
You make a woman go mad
So be wise and keep on
Reading the signs of my body

And I'm on tonight
You know my hips don't lie
And I am starting to feel you boy
Come on lets go, real slow
Don't you see baby asi es perfecto

Oh I know I am on tonight my hips don't lie
And I am starting to feel it's right
All the attraction, the tension
Don't you see baby, this is perfection
Shakira, Shakira

Oh boy, I can see your body moving
Half animal, half man
I don't, don't really know what I'm doing
But you seem to have a plan
My will and self restraint
Have come to fail now, fail now
See, I am doing what I can, but I can't so you know
That's a bit too hard to explain

Baila en la calle de noche
Baila en la calle de día

Baila en la calle de noche
Baila en la calle de día

I never really knew that she could dance like this
She makes a man want to speak Spanish
Como se llama (si), bonita (si), mi casa (si, Shakira Shakira), su casa
Shakira, Shakira

Oh baby when you talk like that
You know you got me hypnotized
So be wise and keep on
Reading the signs of my body

Senorita, feel the conga, let me see you move like you come from Colombia

Mira en Barranquilla se baila así, say it!
Mira en Barranquilla se baila así

She's so sexy every man's fantasy a refugee like me back with the Fugees from a 3rd world country
I go back like when 'pac carried crates for Humpty Humpty
I need a whole club dizzy
Why the CIA wanna watch us?
Colombians and Haitians
I ain't guilty, it's a musical transaction
No more do we snatch ropes
Refugees run the seas 'cause we own our own boats

I'm on tonight, my hips don't lie
And I'm starting to feel you boy
Come on let's go, real slow
Baby, like this is perfecto

Oh, you know I am on tonight and my hips don't lie
And I am starting to feel it's right
The attraction, the tension
Baby, like this is perfection

No fighting
No fighting



Friday, June 09, 2006

don't know the next steps..

Bhalo Bhashi shobaike.. Love you guys all..
it's not a matter of Blood though

will try to keep in touch with you all...
lets pray for each others soul...

Jani na.. manush life e ki kore koi thake.. but jani joto din beche thake.. they have some links to each other.. and that's wat the min connection of the life we are still living for.. just for some few hopes and few dreams.. we all are fighting all the day and night..

Like to share something.. amader purano MoJa knocked me once few days back may be 1/2 weeks ago... His knock at Yahoo reminded me to come here and have a look and Say Hi after a long time..

Life e koto kisu hoy.. kemne hoy.. kisui bujha jaye na.. really it's a great mystery of our all lives...

Don't know when is the next time i will be able to come here.. or is it the last post or not.. but i got a hope to do everything ... i remember those funny old times.. where i have lots of time.. and did many Chatz and funs by posting different things..

Life sucks sometimes.. but don't know the return of all these..


Miss you all (

Thursday, June 08, 2006

few words...

every day i think to post something in my blog but i forget it while reading someother unknown blogs.. don't know.. why i read their blogs.. but i like to read those blog entries.. and internally i'm feeling better then the past few bored days by reading these blogs..

i saw there were many things to say but even that.. we forget to say.. just same as we have many things to do.. but we can't do all of them at all..

daily i usually check updates at ~ÅüďîŧĭØ
~ and today suddenly saw a new blogger called riKhi - who's posts gave me more few questions.. better i skip this part :)

Yesterday night i sent an SMS to ButterFly :
1) Never lie to urself :)

ButterFly replied:
1) Often we are helpless and there is no way out

Then i replied again:
1) Try 2 find out da way . I trust dat still u have ur own choice. whether to loose or win. If you say no then again ur lying urself.
2) Remember! Ur family's happiness might not be your happiness, but ur happiness is your family's happiness
3) Don't lie urself cause you might lie to ur family now, then your husband, to ur friends, someday even to ur kids later on. At least be fair to the person with whom u gonnapass ur rest whole life.
4) Never think urself helpless !

I think i was little rude to you ButterFly.. i just wanted to let you know the truth and even said the truth.
I really miss you!

Now listening at the music ...

"My Lover's Gone" - by Dido

My lovers gone
His boots no longer by my door
He left at dawn
And as I slept I felt him go
Returns no more
I will not watch the ocean
My lovers gone
No earthly ships will ever bring him home again
Bring him home again

My lovers gone
I know that kiss will be my last
No more his song
The tune upon his lips has passed

I sing alone
While I watch the ocean
My lovers gone
No earthly ships will ever bring him home again
Bring him home again

Thursday, June 01, 2006

No more SmOkInG !!

SmoKing is injurious to health :) .. planned for no more SmoKing from ToDay :D

Love quote

"If you find love.. Treasure it, take care of it, be true to it, make good use of it..
Because love comes unseen.. You can only see it when it gone"

This is true... I saw it when it was gone... But i never made bad us of it, never was false to it, never was careless to it, just didn't know how to treasure it. Even don't know whethere really i found my love or not?

some collected love quotes by me:
"Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs. Being purged, a fire sparkling in lovers' eyes. Being vexed, a sea nourished with lovers' tears. What is it else? A madness most discreet, a choking gall and a preserving sweet."
~ William Shakespeare

"True love comes quietly, without banners or flashing lights. If you hear bells, get your ears checked."
~ Erich Segal

"To love someone is to understand each other, to laugh together, to smile with your heart and to trust one another. One important thing is to let each other go if you can't do this."

"The best thing about loving and being hurt is that you get to know what true love really is. For as gold is tested in fire, and so will love be perfected in pain."

"Death can not stop true love, it can only delay it for a little while." "Love, an emotion so strong that you would give up everything. To just feel it once, to know that you are part of something special. To know that you can feel what love really is; to know, to feel, to love."

"Love and electricity are one in the same, my dear. If you do not feel the jolt in your soul every time a kiss is shared, a whisper is spoken, a touch is felt, then your not really in love at all."

"True love can blind you but at the same time if you let it, it can also open your eyes."

"If you have the courage to love, you have the courage to suffer."

"There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread."

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