Thursday, June 08, 2006

few words...

every day i think to post something in my blog but i forget it while reading someother unknown blogs.. don't know.. why i read their blogs.. but i like to read those blog entries.. and internally i'm feeling better then the past few bored days by reading these blogs..

i saw there were many things to say but even that.. we forget to say.. just same as we have many things to do.. but we can't do all of them at all..

daily i usually check updates at ~ÅüďîŧĭØ
~ and today suddenly saw a new blogger called riKhi - who's posts gave me more few questions.. better i skip this part :)

Yesterday night i sent an SMS to ButterFly :
1) Never lie to urself :)

ButterFly replied:
1) Often we are helpless and there is no way out

Then i replied again:
1) Try 2 find out da way . I trust dat still u have ur own choice. whether to loose or win. If you say no then again ur lying urself.
2) Remember! Ur family's happiness might not be your happiness, but ur happiness is your family's happiness
3) Don't lie urself cause you might lie to ur family now, then your husband, to ur friends, someday even to ur kids later on. At least be fair to the person with whom u gonnapass ur rest whole life.
4) Never think urself helpless !

I think i was little rude to you ButterFly.. i just wanted to let you know the truth and even said the truth.
I really miss you!

Now listening at the music ...

"My Lover's Gone" - by Dido

My lovers gone
His boots no longer by my door
He left at dawn
And as I slept I felt him go
Returns no more
I will not watch the ocean
My lovers gone
No earthly ships will ever bring him home again
Bring him home again

My lovers gone
I know that kiss will be my last
No more his song
The tune upon his lips has passed

I sing alone
While I watch the ocean
My lovers gone
No earthly ships will ever bring him home again
Bring him home again


Rikhi said...

lolz. i am not a new blogger. i am a pretty old one - in fact old and obsolete. the blogger inside me is probably dead. :)

Munaz said...

it's ok.. i saw your posts and you are an old Blogger.. but you are new to me.. :) tai bolsi New Blogger.. didn't mention that you are a Newbie Blogger :p

Munaz said...

Welcome to my Blog :)

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