Thursday, June 22, 2006

1st Igloo Ice-cream Festival @ Dhaka

An Ice-cream festival is currently going on at the Sheraton Hotel lobby. A person can have as much and any flavor as he or she wants at Tk 200.

Along with this, there will be a celebrity adda, where the ice-cream lovers can talk with some of the top celebrities in town. There will also be a raffle draw.

The festival will be on daily from June 21 till June 27 from 11 am till 9 pm.

Author: Posted: Jun 22, 2006 9:07 AM


Rajputro said...
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Rajputro said...

wow cool (literally cool :P)

By the way is there any time limit? like they can't allow us to stay whole time their and have ice creams for 200 bucks.
Man I could eat icecreams of the whole world if they allow me like this :D

Munaz said...

ya i don't think there is any time limit :).. but there must be some rules so that no one exceeds their expected targets ;)

Ami jai nai.. amar office er shobay jawar dhanda kortese .. dekhi kalke jodi jawa hoy :p

Anonymous said...


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