Friday, June 23, 2006

Singing or Listening to Music !

Why do people sing any song? or listen to songs? I know there will be many answers from different point of views with different logics.

But a RickShaw Pooler replied me once :

" When people feels bad then they start singing and it's an alternate way of expressing while there is no other way to share or compromise.. "

On his reply there were many logics and many point of views to prove it, i liked his points. Did we ever asked ourselves - am i singing feeling bad for any reason or singing for feeling too good?

Think about listening musics, there are many people tries to hide themselves in between several musics. I like music! And can't even stay without it.. Different musics on different moods.. But i need it !


mahreen said...

hi, i see you left a comment on my site. however, it must be a mistake or you have a different name, bcoz i don't recollect having your aquaintance.. im a little bothered because i usually have a very good memory. so lol, it would be nice if you left me a message, telling me something about yourself tht might refresh my memory!

sHaHan said...

omg moupzy... that's RUDE of u!!! :p (dude, I'm just playing around!)

Rajputro said...

whenever i listen to a good music I sing.
Whenever i hear a song I like, I sing.
Actually i was like humming always. But I am not a singer :P

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