Friday, August 11, 2006

I found another Munaz!

Today i thought to post few funny videos in my FunBlog. So i went to signup in YouTube. It was a very bad news for me that the "Munaz" username was already signed up. So felt interested to know who really using this username? Searched for "Munaz" at YouTube and got his profile. He already posted a Video song which seems asian. May be someone from Srilanka or some one from the South Asia region. Now the question.. is that Singer in the Video song was the person who posted in YouTube? i mean the singer's name is Munaz or it's not the singer at all? :p

By the way i liked the music.. but don't ask for the meaning.. khek.. it's better you start writing another lyrics something by your own language in place of the singer.. cause the language is not familar to me :P

Let me share the video here :

Don't think that it's me in that Video ;)
Ok! At least i created my account in YouTube by using the username : "tahmidmunaz".

Ok now - you might have question to know why i was so interested to know about this Munaz user? Cause from my childhood everyone used to ask me a same common question after asking my name was what the meaning of your name? And usually i felt bad to face this sort of question. Cause i really didn't know the meaning. Tried to find in many places. But no answer. Few days back my mom told me that my dad named me by this name. And this name was made by combination of 2 names. 1st few characters of "Munna" ( proposed name for me by dad ) and 1st few characters of my Mom's name ( don't wanna Disclose that! ) and at last this nick "MUNAZ" came out. And after all i don't know the meaning of this word Munaz yet and i feel more interest meet people called Munaz. My interest to know from those person - what is the meaning of this word - "Munaz" ? Very old and bad habit of mine is - i always searched for the persons called Munaz through Google.

Few google result made me feel more interested to know about the person who already own this same name in other places.
  1. Dr. Munaz Ahmen Noor ( Faculty of BUET ) :
    He already registered my desired Domain name: and doing nothing using it. Where i could have been used that domain for my Blog and other personal uses.
    see more detail about him from here.

  2. Shafraz Munaz Mohamed ( Sri Lankan Cricketer) :
    Full name Shafraz Munaz Mohamed
    Born May 11, 1982, Galle
    Current age 24 years 92 days
    Major teams

    Bloomfield Cricket and Athletic Club
    Batting style Right-hand bat
    Bowling style Legbreak

    see detail here from CricInfo

  3. Munaz Anjuman ( Technical Author ):
    Author of SEO Copywriting

  4. Captain Munaz ( was in Sri Lanka Army) :
    Collected news - " Prayers and token fasts were held in Tamil temples and churches in many parts of the Batticaloa district today to mark the memory of the 158 Tamil refugees who went missing after they were arrested and dragged away by the Sri Lanka Army from the Eastern University campus at Vanthaarumoolai on September 5, 1990."
    See detail at TamilNet

These all above results were my common result of last 2/3 years. But now if you search Munaz at Google then you might get lots of results on me, my posts, my blogs, and etc etc. Don't dare to do that! You will Never! :p


familyjoke(FJ) said...

interesting..... Keep on blogging...

Anonymous said...

You have found another one......

I am munaz too........

i will tell you later about the meaning of it.....

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