Thursday, September 28, 2006

Spread Light

We were used to listen to a word called “Chander Desh” (place in Moon) in most of the Horror Stories we listened in our Childhood. Wanna see how really that Chander Desh looks like?? See from the below picture though this picture came with different slogan. But I liked the theme of a little house in the Moon and a rope to climb over there.

My Chander Desh
(place in Moon) has another moon which you can see in this Picture

Thanks goes to PravsWorld



life just a good

Rajputro said...

rope climbing is very tiresome. Better arrnage a lift :P

Onekdin pore kichu likhlen. Normally to chobi diyei post kore den. office e chap beshi?

Munaz said...

yup :(

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