Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Birthday to my Relisource Colleagues

I have been working in Relisource for near about 1 year. And an interesting part i would like to share of Relisource that it celebrates the each and every single birthday of it's available Employees. Though it's sometimes little tough to maintain while most of us too busy in our working loads. But Relisource manages it even if it's late and as this time Relisource had arranged a celebration of 7 Employees at a time as it was a due celebration :)

Again Happy Birthday goes for : Tohin Bhai, Arbab Bhai, Mahabub Bhai, Partha, Shadid, Shanjidha, Zahidul Hasan.

Thanks even to Relisource Technologies Ltd. and Mustafizur Rahman for capturing the happy moments using his Cell :)


Mahabub said...

Interesting post. Thanks for you article. But I wonder you have in your mind that BLOCKHOLE is still unknow. And lots of scientist trying hard to know the truth.

BTW, last few days, I was reading a english novel where I found a dialog like bellow. I am aggresive to mention here. Beneath the dialog:

--I loved him very much to ruin him.

I am just kidding... Although I haven't finished reading the novel yet and don't know what will be the finishing.

Isn't the above dialog interesting????

Sorry, I am skipping the name of the novel. :)

I hope you can guess. :)

Your loving friends,

Munaz said...

Thanks Mahabub bhai for your lovely comments :)
Hope you to be my regular Blog reader :)

Rajputro said...

I know arbab bhai! he was from buet. :D

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