Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Politcal Violance in Bangladesh

It was just few days just after we passed one (1) whole month of Ramadan. And after the month of Ramadan passed we enjoyed the days of Eid. People whatever his religion was ( Hindu, Mslim, Chirstian, Buddho) enjoyed the holidays with family and relatives and most of them passed times in good. But suddenly just after 3 days in 28th October 2006. A political coallision occured and a messup occured into the whole country (Bangladesh). It was really something unexpected, but expected to the person who were the key person leading the messup and violance.

Did you ever saw people killing or bitting a human beign as like killing a snake? Can you believe that people could be so rude? Are they human? Were their eyes open? Were they blind, so much that they didn't even feel what they were doing? How could a person kill another person so easily without thinking any other option? Are we really human beign living in this Country? Are we the puppet of the corrupted Politics in Bangladesh? What is our future? What will our future generation learn from these scene?

I am really sorry for Bangladeshi people who are still living in this country, the person who wants to get back to home and sattle down in his own motherland with new business and new development plan, feel sorry for the the Bangladeshi patriots, feel sorry for the Freedom fighters fought in 1971 and the person who died for the Independence. Are we really free? Independent to have our own choice? Is this called Freedom? This is the way of using Freedom?


Rajputro said...

Really a very cruel thing. More over blunt instruments were used which is far far more painful :(

May allah give everyone peace in their mind, so that they could keep peace everywhere.

Anonymous said...


savannaview said...

this is totally inhuman:(

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