Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Why smokers Smoke?

Most of our Smokers we think that cutting of the number of the cigarettes might decrease the rate of our health risk which we assume of heavy smoking. But this is really wrong and there already a news been published in MSN in title of -
"Smokers, it's not enough to just cut back"
Study: No difference between regular use and only a few cigarettes a day

Specially i would like to focus on few of the lines i read from that published article are shared below :

“The long-term effects of a substantial reduction in smoking did not show any benefits in comparison with persistent heavy smoking,” Bjartveit told Reuters.

“In health education and patient counselling, it may give people false expectations to advise that reduction in consumption is associated with reduction in harm,” Bjartveit added.

“The study proves quite clearly the only safe way out of the risk caused by smoking: people who quit smoking have achieved a risk level that is remarkably lower than those who continued to smoke,” Bjartveit said in the journal.

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Now question again though i am a smoker. Why do we really smoke? Don 't we think it's an open addiction where we all smokers are addicted in smoking? Why do we really smoke? Is there anything we could feel better? After all an Addiction of Tobacco. What are the ingredients of a cigarette? See my old post - Whats in cigarettes?

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