Sunday, June 10, 2007

Am i really busy? - Judge me!

It's been a long time i didn't post anything at my Blogs. I was posting something at my Technical Blog and then i thought to ask for an open judgment to my readers - Am i really a busy person?

After excluding my 9 hours of office hours + 6 hours for Sleeping + 3 Hours in total for Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner and Shower. I got only 6 hours to do these following random tasks.

  1. Google Reader (reading Feeds of different groups, bloggers, News),
  2. Searching at Google on different stuffs,
  3. Community Moderation and continue discussions,
  4. Managing SQABD management stuffs,
  5. Reviewing Chapters for PACKT Publishers
  6. Referring CVs of my acquaintances in several places
  7. Managing the "CV Collections" a Label in my Gmail,
  8. Managing my LinkedIn profile accepting and adding new professionals,
  9. Managing my Blogs (Technical, SQABD, Fun and Personal)
  10. Checking private Emails in Gmail, Yahoo and MSN.
  11. Chatting with friends through IM's in MSN/Yahoo/GTalK..

    anything else? - i don't remember anything more right now..
Is there any service where i can get all above services at a time? Or under a single Tab of my Firefox browser? I dream of everything under a single Tab. But Oh god! Am i asking myself to get involved more some more new Tabs?

So let's get to the point! Am i really a busy person to you? What do you think?
Leaving the judgment open for my readers. Please feel free to judge me! :)

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