Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Digital Camera - Canon Powershot A560

Just before the Eid day.. I had only 1 day chance to go to the market and search for Sony Cybershot Camera within my 20K BDT budget and prepare myself for my Saint Martin trip. I went to the Sony Show rooms and even in few of the Camera Shops in Bashundhora City Shopping Mall.

At last i bought a Canon Powershot A560 Digital Camera after long thought. According to the Sony Cybershot the Canon Camera is more cheap but there are little difference in the Camera's picture quality that's for sure. But i am more than happy buying this Canon by near to half of my budget for my Sony Cybershot :)

Check out few more snap shots of my Camera ...


Dead Rabbit said...

Goood job. you did the right thing. In Digicam business, Canon is GOD.

I have Canon cam too. You'll enjoy your A560. Its 4x zoom ( its 140mm tops is better). All the manual options are the best part in it - you cant find them in other brand of point-and-shoot cameras ( man, it has 15 sec to 1/2000 sec shutter!!! ). But battery hurts. As Canon dont ship, you gonna need extra recharging batteries and chager - and they might not suit your cam unluckily. You would like to have lithium batteries for A560 ; but no way - u gotta use AA.

Good things about CANON :

in a stat of 2006, Canon had 20% market share in USA. While Sony had 17%, Kodak 16%, Nikon 10% and so on.

Nikon is stronger in professional camera (SLR) market mainly. But Canon is GOD in both worlds.

Sony recently bought Minolta's professional camera section - named it "Alpha SLR". Canon's Digital Rebel and Nikon D series are running for a long time to rule the DSLR world.

Let me know if you need any tips ; I am with 2 Canon cams for almost 3 years.

NiH said...

" According to the Sony Cybershot the Canon Camera is more cheap but there are little difference in the Camera's picture quality that's for sure. "

What the..! Canon is cheaper? Are you kidding me? What made you go out their with a 20K budget and a plan to buy a Sony Cybershot! ? Canon and Nikon are the premier sellers of optical products all over the world. Check out their respective flickr sections at the Camera Finder. You can't possibly say "Canon" is comparable with the Sony digital cameras :( Sony might be a giant in handycam industries, but when it comes to still photography, Canon takes the cake, without a doubt.

Enough ranting, now that you have a good a Flickr account and start showing off ;)

Here's my flickr gallery BTW.

also, here's a link to some of the best photos at flickr taken with a Canon Powershot A560:

Tahmid Munaz said...

@Dead Rabbit
Thanks for the visit and your inspiration.. I thought i might have missed something without buying the Cybershot :p... But now i am really feeling Lucky :D

Will be glad to know more about Photography and Tips. Please feel free to email me at my Gmail :) I am facing little problem in Macro Photography.. :$ I might need extensive Traning from you and NiH :)

Thanks for the visit and posting your feedback. I already have a Flickr account but always had a dream to do Photography. As i had no Camera before this one.. So had no chance to do any Testing on Photography :) Hope this time i will be even lucky enough to shoot more lovely Pictures from Saint Martin Island! Wish be Luck! :)

People used to get tired of lending me their Cameras in shooting several meaningless objects(to them)which had special meanings to me while we were in any journey :P

I wish this time i will be enjoying shooting them by my own camera.

Thanks again to Dead Rabbit and NiH :)

Ehsanul Haque said...

Good camera. Take some good pictures to share with us mate. Take a family photo first. I bought the fujifilm S9600 last time I went to BD. It is a great camera but the only thing is that it is too big to carry around. I have a desire to move into professional photography and bought the camera for that reason. Hope that wish comes true soon. Let me know how your camera is. If it is good then I will buy one for everyday purpose.

Enjoy sobigraphi.

Shah said...

I am sure you will be happy when you take snap using it. I have a Canon A540, little older than your one. I am happy with it. I think canon is definitely better than cybershot. you can compare photo's at to judge my opinion. I hope we are going to get some nice snap from you. Welcome to the photographers world.

tegis said...

Hi Tahmid
Read your blog. I recently got a A too and was looking for detailed tip and tricks that are not there in the manual. So could you share some with me? Did you hear more from "Dead Rabbit"? How can I get in touch with him? Appreciate your help. Thanks.

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