Sunday, July 27, 2008

Earthquake shook Dhaka at night 12:50AM - 27th July 2008

Suddenly tonight i felt like my bed was shaking. Then i recalled that i did flooring for my backpain and i was not on my bed. So it's my building was shaking. Bangladesh Time : 12:50AM at 27th July 2008.

Here goes few references that my other friends noticed it and shared in Twitter.

Then i saw the Google News update which was redirecting to the BDnews24 news update of earthquake held in Dhaka at night.

I assume it was in richter scale 3 (IV) in reference of

** UPDATE: from AFP
See the source:


Tanim said...

hey munaz bhai, magnitude of the earthquake was 5.6 in richter scale

Ahamed Bauani said...

Hello Mr. Tahmid Munaz

Thanks for your posting on earthquake of Bangladesh. But the 5.6 is totally BOGUS information. Have you seen my Blog entry? which was 1st publication on a media of said Earthquake. See Earthquake Hits Bangladesh on 27 July 2008 at 00:56:09 Hour BDT . You will also see some Informative and funny links of posting. As you search Google News, you got the bdnews24 article first. If you did a 'Google Web Search' like: ( even more specific like (, you will see my link in 1st and top position about 12 hours!!! As I am not registered news media, Google news do not collect my RSS feed. My above article was in 1st place on Google web search since about 1:2AM.

Don't forget to look One more interesting blog entry Report of BDNews regarding this recent Earthquake (Mirror Version). How Bdnews24 confirm the value '5.6' where every Earthquake Monitoring Center is identifying it as '4.9?!

Have a nice day...


Ahamed Bauani
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Bauani said...

Another Earthquake on 20 September 19:54 BDT shock Dhaka Bangladesh

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