Friday, April 28, 2006

Thinking to do Suicide ??

Are you thinking of doing Suicide? Then you must see this. Cause you might be missing one thing before you Suicide... just Read from this URL:

It's like after long time i started to blogging again.. was too busy at works.. suddenly don't know why - i thought i need to help people who gets crazy for suicide. So just redirecting peoples to that URL to see About Suicide and How you can think different from others...

If you don't even think to suicide.. i think you can read it.. it helps you to evaluate your life..

Suggestion for Suicide Deciders: Please take at least 1 more hour to think for the last time for you life.. and see - Are you really thinking of doing Suicide?

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Anonymous said...

Yeah people may need helps regarding "suicide issue". Carry on Munaz !!

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