Thursday, April 13, 2006

When you have nothing to say..

Don't know.. but there are sometimes you will feel like you got nothing to say.. you start feeling like you are undone and even sometimes useless.. you think everything surrounded you are just negative to your thoughts/words/expectations.. You are just a dumb to say in truth. You might start feeling to find a place where you want to fly away and hide yourself and start screaming but no one can hear you.. You expect a Dark Room where there are no windows or even not a door. You expect to shout at yourself and say the words for your inner soul to calm down.. to change yourself totally.. Be a different man/women from what you are/were..

Sometimes you hope to get a friend like that whom you like to talk all your thinkings and share you sorrowness to balance your load. Yes then you are right ! you must have a friend i mean close friend whom you can talk to at least. Cause you really must be wrong/right and you need a good friend to judge for it, who can evaluate your thinking whether you are right/wrong. At least you can feel better then the one you will be alone.. Find a trusting friend and talk to him/her ...

Sometimes people start thinking like they even don't need to live in this world anymore.. but they are wrong.. Cause, take one more chance.. and do some changes in your plan. Have a long drive/walk and try to feel nature practically.. how the trees are living .. how a Cat is surviving whole day long where most them lives out of home. How the birds are flying whole day long and returns to their Nests and they never becomes tired of it .. doing the same thing day by days.. Feel the wind sourrunded to you which are just to keep you alive.. and then start feeling like you are so lucky to be alive and try to change your next plan for living with a little different way of living.. Start thinking practicle and evaluate yourself with all your duties and step forward without thinking for dieing so fast.

:) smile once ! and you can even see a little new born baby can smile like you.. he/she can even read your mind..
The new babies have nothing to say as like you... but they just borned to live long.. so think yourself just like the new born Baby you must feel better then your past state..

Cheer up friends !!

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