Thursday, August 23, 2007

Student Politics in Bangladesh needs to be Banned

What i think is the bad influence of the old corrupted Politics practice made these University Students protesting the current emergency state of Bangladesh. I should request to the authorities to think about Banning the Student Politics in Bangladesh for next few years.

The old fashion Student Politics Practice could be the main seed of facing the corrupted Politicians in future.

There are 3 types of Student in any University or College:

  • A type: Career Oriented (focused only in study and career issues)
  • B type: Mid-type Student (they needs proper guidance about their career)
  • C type: Politics Oriented Students (who always prefer the Politics Involvement rather then Career)
In usual scenario we loosed the fame and name of Dhaka University just for the reason of our Bad Political Practice which was practiced by the C Type students. And sometimes B type students were the ultimate victim of the Fight of C Type Students and Security Forces in different Protests.

From my past experience B type students gets the influence or sometimes forced to support the C Type students. Which makes the ratio of protesting supporters increases than the usual ratio of C type students. Then the conflict seems more strong and bold to different media. Even the media influences in any activities needs to be monitored cause a Public focus is very much influencing for those C type students. Sometimes you will see only to show their face in medias for different protest or awareness program they tries to get into focus by anyway.

According to the current need of our Developing Bangladesh, i don't think Bangladesh needs any more Student Politicians. I think the need of Skilled Practitioners in different Developing sector is more important than doing Politics or think about Politics.

I am thankful to our current state of emergency for taking many good steps as like removal of corrupted Politicians from Bangladesh Politics. But i think it's even time to think of banning Student Politics from all public Universities and even banning the Teachers involvement in Politics.

If a Teacher becomes biased on his/her own beloved politics, then he/she will never could guide his/her Students for a better future without thinking Politics.

There are many reason and logics behind the words i am asking to people think about it. Cause we really in need of Skilled Development Engineers, Architects, Doctors, Scientist, Economist, and even good healthy Politicians for better future.

Lets start welcoming the Ban of Student and Teachers involvement in Politics!
Lets Say No to Students and Teachers politics again!

Here is another old post on this Student Politics issue.

Tell me do you really like to see your country with a bad title in different News websites?


Tapu said...

In my opinion, student politics should be banned instantly. In a situation where education couldn't enlighten the students to find what is right or wrong, government should take the initiative and force students to go back to the only thing they should do. Study.

Shah said...

I agree, student politics should be ban. Or else we might not get educated people but terrorist. See what they did last couple of days? and just ask yourself , is this the duty of a student? Should we destroy our country any more? Isn't we are far behind from other developing country? If you have time then please ask those so called students.

Anonymous said...

Shoja students der arrest korey situation thanda kora uchit. as i told u bro why I feel this way. :p
a blog well written. thx


Nasif Khan said...

Not Possible Munaz bhai !!! Not possible.....Many Lives depend on it.....eta ekta good profession...i mean financially....

mourshed said...

sorry to say...i can't agree.
though std politics is corrupted in most where, there r many stds r activated to restrain peace of Bangladesh. nd its true that historically std politics was important. the movements as well 52, 69, 71, 90s were organized nd patronized by the stds. nd this is the time of crisis situation. we need to activate against the corrupted politics. if std politics is going to be ban, Bangladesh will must be fall in severe crisis nd the imperialists countries as well America or India will must take the chance. already America is interfering many of our internal matters, nd on the other hand India wants to interfere also in many things. Bangladesh would be sold much before if some patriot std would not protest. so need to stop the corrupted students politics nd establish fair politics against the imperialist who wants to make us just slave nothing else in the name of removing terrorism. So it is high time to strengthen our student politics for restraining human rights as a third world country. Thnk u.

Anonymous said...

Student politics of Bangladesh is not in the right track in Bangladesh and it should be purified. You can read a related article how student politics affects the education of Bangladesh and national development.

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