Saturday, September 01, 2007

Are they Journalist? or the Story makers?

Today suddenly i saw a feed from Asia times and got few interesting information that i didn't know even being a Bangladeshi where this Indian person is far more knowledgeable and known to our country's internal affairs. How funny? Are they really true journalists? Or just few of the Story writers who loves to make stories on different issues and amuses people with those false information?

A journalist writing a report on basis of his guess value. May be someone told him a story and thus he believed it and wrote a report and now he claims someone is said to be a member of some other party. Here i am quoting this paragraph they wrote :

"Bangladesh's general election in October 2001 threw up a government that provided a favorable environment for Islamist outfits like HuJI to flourish. A new coalition government led by the Bangladesh Nationalist Party came to power in that election. The ruling coalition includes two Islamic fundamentalist parties, the Jamaat-e-Islami and the Islamic Oikya Jote. Both have openly expressed support to the Taliban and al-Qaeda and there are close links between these parties and HuJI. The Islamic Oikya Jote's chairman, Azizul Huq, is said to be a member of HuJI's advisory council. "
Isn't really funny to believe that Jamaat-e-Islami and Islamic Oikya Jote supported this Terrorists party in Bangladesh? We already have seen how the JMB (Jamaetul Mujahedin Bangladesh) was demolished and they were captured. The so called Bangla Bhai was hanged! We all (Bangladeshi) saw how every Bangladeshi Government banned Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami and their members were caught up to now.

More interestingly i saw a rally picture of another Islamic party in Bangladesh which was titled under the name of Harkat-ul-Jihad at this Indian Blog ( at one of their recent post titled: "New Terror Haven: Bangladesh"
E.g.: How come we expect someone reporting on USA and using the flag of UK?
OR Someone reporting on Hasina (AL Chairperson) but using the picture of Khaleda (BNP Chairperson)?
Isn't it poor a journalism?

After all at this state of emergency in Bangladesh where there is no way of survival of any extremist or corruption in Bangladesh. And Bangladeshi people are really happy without few of those so called Politicians who are still trying out to find a way for them. How come Indian's news media claims to be "New Terror Heaven: Bangladesh" at this time of AUGUST, 2007? Are they really trying to redirect us from the truth to their fairy tales?

Now see this title "India Blames Islamic Militants for Blasts" at NYTimes. Are there no Islamic Muslim people in India?

India always claims their country as Hindustan! Which means - "the State of Hindu People". Did you see any Islamic country claiming their state as the only Muslim's state? Who does really discriminate? The discrimination over Muslim people in India is extreme and are really intolerable.

See this below quote from the same NYTimes:
A top government official said India was struggling to stop terrorist attacks. “Our country is so big that even if we have the information that something is planned, we do not know where or when,” said Shivraj Patil, India’s home minister.

So how could they(Indian's) try to estimate out of their country while they are already unable to figure out their own issues? Why are trying to increase their range of investigation rather limiting within their own country and prove themselves that they are no more corrupted in this South Asia?

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