Saturday, September 08, 2007

Learning New Things - Loss or Gain?

Just sharing a IM conversation with one of my friend ....

1:04 AM me: did you join the SQABD Yahoo group?

1:05 AM Mohammad: nah mone hoy

join and keep tracking the discussion.. it could help you anyway :)
at least learning new things in life ;)

Mohammad: okz :)

1:06 AM me: is not a loss at all :)

Mohammad: hahahaha
"janar kono sesh nai janar chesta britha tai" hirok rajar dese by sottojit :p

[English: There is no ends of knowing.. So Knowing something is no more gain at all.. -by Shottojit (author)]

1:07 AM me: Did he wrote any more Book after that one?

Mohammad: likse hoy to thik jani na :s

[English: May be he wrote.. but i don't remember.. .]

1:08 AM me: if he did then it means he even himself never believed what did he say :)

Mohammad: hahahahahaha

me: :D cause writing a Book means to know new things and start for a new Book... and if he did stop writing books mean that He stopped believing that ;)

1:09 AM Mohammad: :)

What do you think? Am i wrong? If you got any objection please show up! :)

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Z said...

First of all your translation didn't convey the real message which is more negative :p. The translation should be something like "There is no end to learning hence all effort to learn goes into vain." Which is lame! But wait a second, "Hirok Rajar Dhesh" was probably a Gopal Bhar story and, well, what else can you expect from Gopal Bhar other than some lame jokes :PPP!! But interestingly the translation that you came up with is 100% right; Yes learning one more thing really doesn't add anything, ONLY IF you compare it with the total learning of your entire life. But if you learn merely a few things in your entire life then IT DOES ADD A LOT.. right? But when you say "it doesn't add much" you basically are planning to learn infinitely many things in your coming life.. so good luck :).

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