Friday, September 07, 2007

Reply to a Foreign Concerned Bangali - About Bangladesh

Here i am sharing a Reply i posted in a Group at Facebook today.

Someone called "A" Posted:

We keep our army to protect our country to but not to destroy our country.
We are not a child that if we do something wrong then you slap us and tell us not to do it again what army trying to do now. We are all adult we know what is wrong and what is right. We just need someone who can influence us to do the right things, we need a good leader. And we do have some leaders like Hasina ,Kaleda ,Arshad. May be they have done some wrong but they also did so many good things for our country we shouldn’t forget those . May be you want to say Bangladesh is one of the most corrupted country.But look at the history of other county Our country is only 36 year old.Go back and look what was US or Canada when thy were 36 year old . I feel like our country is much better then those situation.See Myanmar our neighbor country, Army is ruling the country.There is no progress. Army is forcing people to do the right things.. and no one is happy there. You just can’t make a good leader in a Year.

And here goes my Reply:

@ A
What i can feel from your post.. You got a deep trust on Hasina, Khaleda and Arshad. This could be a very usual feelings whoever you are not in Bangladesh.

But to tell you the truth and for the sake of our Countries Development these politicians are the main Blocking issue. Creating 3/4 largest Bridges in several rural areas is not only the good things they did.. They might have done many good things but on the other side there were many scopes for corruption to do. And was corruption involved.

We are lagging behind in Technology, Education system, Job facilities, HighTech Industries and even in Practicing a Good Politics! Sometimes you need to kick some @$$ to move forward for more betterment. Why we people still think to apply for Immigration in abroad? Why we dream to get a high salary job in abroad? Aren't we lagging behind for those corrupted people?

I should request everyone to think again! There could be some silly mistakes done by this government but aren't we expecting a Lot from only a Six months aged Caretaker Government? Did we ever expected that lot from those Past Governments as we are expecting from the Current government? Isn't it our fault? Only price hiking could be an issue that still our current government couldn't stop. But there must be a way and i have faith that they will be able to meet it.

Who were there to protect people who were killed at 22nd November? Was it you? Did Hasina / Khaleda / Nijami / Ershad or anyother politicians could take those liabilities? Who corrupted our POLITICS? Who gave birth to those Corrupted politicians who are now in Jail? You going to claim they are innocent?

The Recent DHAKA university incident was just a very small issue which lead to Curfew. Why? How the students were influenced to do these mess?

@ Whoever has created this Group!!

I must say there are no Military Rules in Bangladesh at all. But if we start shouting like this and create a misunderstanding between we Bangladeshi people. Then it could be a startup of another Mess in Bangladesh. The image that you are using and the Title which has been using for this Group could damage our Country Image. Obviously it's humiliating to our National Army and other Military forces in front of the World. Where they earned many Respective honors by different activities.

It's our misunderstanding and our fault by kicking ass of our Military. We should give more respect to the person who deserves respect rather wasting time in respecting the Corrupted Politicians. Speak your mind. Then you will find yourself never appreciated those Politicians.

There could be 1/2 bad incident occurred by ARMY. As it occurred by RAB/Police or any other security forces. But that doesn't mean we should kick their @$$ and show dis-respect.

Please feel free to do any criticism on my replies or thoughts..

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