Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

Happy New year to everyone. Wish you everyone a happy new startup after letting the 2007 as a page of your old memory and the 2008 as your next day. Today's sunset was the last Sunset of 2007 and tomorrow's Sunrise will be the 1st Day light of 2008. Today's sunset was the last page of your old memories and tomorrow's sunrise will be the new daylight of your Happy new year 2008! Hope you have a great happy successful life ahead with your family and friends.

Ok! friends.. Just few words to note down if you like and helps to redesign your plan for 2008 or Next:

Few of My Suggestion:
You will get really surprised to Know Yourself if you ever know about your own capabilities and the power/strength you have in depth of your confidence.. You might even get scared of your capabilities which is hidden in You! So be confident and know yourself before knowing someone else :)

Life is just few moments where we come to know many people around us and in sometimes we feel like we don't like someone, we like a person more then someone else.. or we like or i should say Love someone more then anyone else.. But everything is just for this few moments you are alive here :) So don't regret for whatever you are getting or loosing.

In case of emotional people i should suggest forget about all the emotional feelings in which you are surrounded with.. This emotions is the only bindings who is not making you confident. Caring the emotions sometimes makes you to head into the wrong path. So it's better let not giving any chance to your Emotions to lead you, But let yourself leading your emotions and don't care it. You will be heading to your success and you will be not blind at least! But that really doesn't mean to leave from the humanity or Human norms or duties like helping the Poor people or the hopeless refugees.

Suggestion for my IT student friends - please get connected through the Technical Groups to get in touch with new updates, announcements or scopes which are discussed in the groups/forums etc. Never feel shy to shoot your question, cause the value of this question could be even more than you are thinking not making yourself silly. You never know - may be no one ever thought the way you are thinking and wanted to ask! So forget about your shyness and shoot your question to the groups or forums. There will be many friends waiting to reply any type of questions.

My wish list for 2008:
My request to my younger Brother - be smarter, confident, proactive, intelligent than me. Start building your own career by your own calculation and decision - try building it by your own hand. In the mean time remember to guide your younger siblings too! I have trust on you that you will be there one day! Forget whatever you didn't get or you missed. Time moves on and nothing waits for anyone, so why bothering ? Move Forward just as you saw at - Meet the Robinson :)

My request to my old friends (22) to keep connected even after you guys get busy with lots of family stuff. At least keep connected saying hi or hello once in a month! :) After all we had a long walk up to now all together!

My request to Samiha Esha (a famous blogger) to keep blogging on different life style, career oriented , family member inter-relationship, duty to society, the relationship of friendship between a girl and a boy, stuff or guidance which makes female more confident and motivating to step forward. I just meant not to change her mind :)

My request to Technical Groups for do events together for more aggressive plans to develop the bridging of University Students and Professionals. Which will be a great scope of getting back the students interested to take Software Engineering as their career path.

My last update:
Few days back suddenly i bought a guitar and started learning some..

Thanks to Arun for his post on me and my guitar (i am taking it as my new year gift): http://www.somewhereinblog.net/blog/shukhimanoshblog/28755535


Ehsan said...

happy new year to you too

I wish you all best and hope you will have a very successful year ahead.

Tahmid Munaz said...

Thanks Ehsan :) same wishes to you too!

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