Friday, July 21, 2006

Attention to Bloggers!

I got more then 35 comments in a single minute yesterday. It was someone using the Anonymous option to comment in any Blog that usually we have in Blogspot.

It's basically spamming. Spammers are using to spam over those Blogs using the Anonymous posting facility in those Blogs where the Post moderation is not enabled.

As i kept my Comment posting open for all and unmoderated. So i had to face this problem yesterday. And now i am sorry for say all my friends and my Blog readers that i am changing the status and keeping my Blog comments moderated to remove those spamming comments and advertisements.
I want to make you all (who are reading my post) aware to keep your comments moderated otherwise you have to face the same problem within few days. I got one of my known another Blogger has recieved this off topics and advertisement posts by Anonymous identity.

If you think to close the option of Anonymour Post then you might be wrong. cause most of you readers might not be a Blogspot user or redirected from some other urls. So they will not be able to post their valuable comments in you Blog. So it's better you keep all you comments in your hand and let the comments moderated by yourself and keep them whom you want and reject them whom you dislike.

I see - Always we need at least few protection ;)


Rajputro said...

Nice post munaz bhai.
The scenario was very bad about comment spam before. Everyday i used to receive 3/4 comments offering sells bla bla :D
Not to mention all of them were spam. Then blogger introduced image identification method i.e. captcha which combat pretty well against the spamming. Well recently I turned off the image recognition feature because that thing is quite disturbing.
Any way without using comment moderation you can do fine with image recognition.
Take care

Shamne porikkha doa raikhen :(

dipu_1&only said...

Howz the word verification ? I thing all the spammers are Bots .. so if U moderate the bots manually then it will really be very nuch hazardous to u .. :)

anywayz thanks for awaring of this kind of spamming I was also attacked !

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