Thursday, July 27, 2006

Dedicated to all Moms in this World

After long time i logged into my Hi5 profile when i saw an invitation today and was looking at my Journal there.. Then i got one of my post over there i wrote ...

a soul laughs and shouts whole day long..
even cryies in the dark of the deep midnight ..

makes other to cry - who knows her well..
she is the symbol of sacrifice and the symbol of love...

but no one tries her sacrifice.. no one wants to share her thoughts or feelings.. cause the world is so rude and hopeless...

i wish her the best ...

It was written about a Mom. Ya! It sounds emotional to you. But there are some truth you never felt or never tried to know.. Did you really felt about your Mom deeply? Her sacrifices? She might be laughing or smiling at you. But did you tried to know about her more?

Dedicated to all Moms in this World.

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