Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Attention to Yahoo Users!!

Don't login using your Yahoo ID and Pass in any unknown place! Cause it might be a fake page where it can grab your Secured information and email it to another person who are basically waiting to receive your personal information. You may can loose your account forever anytime in this way.

If you are already tried somewhere and able to login at your Yahoo emails still now. Please make sure you change your password as soon as possible and be aware of using your Yahoo ID and pass every where.

Now here what happened and what I saw is described in detail:

Today I got a message through Yahoo Messenger from one of my close friend as below:
MyFriend :
MyFriend is offline..
I got my friend sending me this message and within a second got him Offline. It was not a usual case.

So i went to the site
( ) and saw it looks like something is over there, but it needs to login using Yahoo ID and pass.

Then I tried using fake info as below
Yahoo ID: test
Password: test

and I got a page says page is invalid from Geocities. I went to the 1st page of the URL and clicked on "View Source" from the Browser to see the source of the page then I got the Submission form different.

It's a page where the form is submitting the Yahoo ID and password at Email:

see the code from the following picture:

Someone is there might hack your Yahoo account using yourself!
So be carefull to use your personal Information over Online and take your own risk!


Tanha said...

O my ALLAH ! I didn't kno this...Yahoo emni tei amar bhalo lage na...akhon abar arek jontrona shuru korse Yahoo...Thanks so much bhaia for this blog entry...shobai eita dekhe careful hobe =))

Rupom said...

I had seen an exact yahoo like design in a website where anyone can be trapped in if s/he does not carefully go thru the URL. I cant remember that fake website address right now, but it hurted and alerted me about the existence of fake yahoo.

Take care of your password !!


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