Friday, July 28, 2006

Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday to you ( Munaz ) !

1 more year passed from my life time.. Thanks to them who wished me already and advance thanks to them who might gonna wish me after posting this post.. :)

Last night - I was thinking what really i did upto this age? I did many things, missed many things, faced many things, ate many things, met many peoples, fought with many people and blah blah..... It's really interesting!
Did you ever thought of looking at any Old man/women - how many things really they faced in their whole life? How many things we might need to face in future even?

OK! now i am going to tell about me how did i pass my day today!

I wokeup at 5:00am and had my Fazar prayer and made myself ready for jogging. Usually I start jogging from Banasree (near TV Bhaban) to Meradia (east to Banasree). It's about 2 to 3 miles may be. Had my free hand excersice in Meradia open yard. Then came back home and watched a TV for a while. After having my breakfast with my family went to Choto Mama's home, had chit chat with my cousins after a long time.
Why Long time? Ok! it's Munaz too busy with his easy stuffz.. So he can't move out of few ranges anytime. Busy in few community works, consultency and office works. So i became little unsocial. My office time is different in Relisource. But i never felt bad. I am enjoying job. Al-hamdu-Lillah.

So after the Zumma prayer i left my Choto Mama's home just having my lunch :p saying that i need to go attend my office asap as my office is open at Fridays. Why Friday? We in Relisource have different office timing with different weekends then usual Banglai schedule. As we are working for US clients and our partners, so we following few changes in usual Bangladeshi timing and weekends. Our Office hour starts from 12:00pm and ends at 09:00pm. So, we have near about 3/4 hours to have conferrences and other issues to discuss with clients and partners.

So this was an issue for me to leave Mama's home asap :p Actually I was even interested to see how many wishes are there in my Inbox ? :p You know what? Simin wished me 1st! And the funny thing was she didn't new that 25th was not 28th :p Hahaha.. She lost her date tracking system! But it was interesting to me.. :D

Ok! comming to office? more interesting part was the person who wished me once was wishing me again and again :p May be they were thinking if they have missed to wish me? :p

Most of you might want to ask how old am i? I stepped at 26 :p

Thinking to post another post within few days.. titled as : 25 years experience ;)
What do you think? How much that can get popularity? :p


Tanha said...

Bhaia..I wished u ektu agey...abar kori..HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY *hugs* =D

Rajputro said...

ami o age wish korechi..but so what! :P
Happy birthday :D

Shimul said...

Wishing you a late happy Birth Day !! and wishing many many returns on this days !!!! Keep moving

Rupom said...

Your birthday is sending your way a bouquet of best wishes and saying "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU".

Wish you many returns of this day. May God bless you.

Take care.

MA Razzaque Rupom

Hasin said...

Oh!!!!!!! arrrrrrg!!!! I missed the cake, I missed blowing the candles, I missed the the party.

Hey Nice Guy, Wishing a very Happy BirthDay. 28th July is also a very special day in my life. Be sure, I wont forget your birthday again for the rest of my life.

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